Rising Star Model Daniela Lopez

Where are you from and how did you start modeling?

I am from Armenia, Colombia and I started modeling when I got scouted shopping at Forever 21.

What is your signature look for castings?

I don’t have a signature look, it all depends on the mood and the weather the day of the casting, but right now I’m going for simple pieces.

Runway or print?

There’s nothing like the adrenalin and the rush of runway, but print is an everyday pleasure.

Favorite shopping city, stores and brands?

Hands down New York! OMG! I still don’t know, I’m experimenting with brands and designers.

What makes “Daniela” stand out amongst the other models?

I think it’s the bubbly personality , the dimples, and the butt – definitely the butt.

Best and worst parts of modeling:

Best part of modeling is the traveling, you get to know beautiful, beautiful places.  The worst part, THE JETLAGGGGGG and being gone from family and friends.

What are you listening to?

I’m listening to Rihanna – I LOVE Rihanna lol

Dream shoot – location, photographer, client:

Dream shoot is Victoria’s Secret, location – the beach – any crystal blue beach, photographer, Russell James.

Something tells me this is one model who is going to make her dreams come true.

Daniela can currently be seen on billboards in Time Square for Aeropostale, in Seventeen Magazine photographed by Ben Watts, and in Nordstrom catalogues.

Follow her on Twitter at #DaniealaLo322

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