Healthy hair starts from within: movie stars’ secret weapon to hair growth

Ever wonder how all the models and movie stars get their enviable locks?  It is more than just their go-to colorist, hair stylist and extensions.  Their secret weapon, and one we can all use, Viviscal, a supplement containing an exclusive marine complex called “AminoMar”, which strengthens hair from the inside out.  We are going to use heating appliances, products, and colorants on our hair, so why not give your hair a fighting chance to be healthy by nourishing the roots and promoting healthy growth?  Personally, I have been using Viviscal for six months and have seen a reduction in hair falling, and a difference in how full my hair looks and feels at the roots.  I have fine, straight hair, so any volume is bound to be noticed, and welcomed.  Models and actors who routinely find their hair forced in submission on set, need to take extra care, and Viviscal is rapidly becoming a major part of their daily routine.  As they say, beauty starts from within.

Viviscal is available at most drugstores, and online at

Hair and makeup by Colleen Stone of Blush and Beyond

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