Great hair starts at the scalp



A few months ago I was given a sample of Clear Volumizing Root Boost shampoo, a new     product meant to treat the scalp in order to improve overall quality of the hair.  I was intrigued right away, as I have always tried the next and the new volumizing shampoos and conditioners meant to amp up my fine, straight hair.  The trouble with all those products is that by the time I had blown my hair dry, any effect was gone.  These shampoos and conditioners coat the strands in an attempt to puff up the hair shafts.  Clear promised to treat the scalp in order to improve the quality of the hair is was supporting.  Four months later and I am still happily     using the shampoo and conditioner.  My fine hair doesn’t feel weighted down with products, neither of them irritate my scalp, and the shampoo has just the right amount of lather.  So far, I am sold on this combo and don’t feel the need to hop from one volumizing shampoo to the other.  When my hair is happy, I am happy.

Clear shampoos and conditioners can be found online at

You can read more about Clear products by visiting their website at

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