Bikini season countdown: time to get moving!


It is that time of year where it is hard to get motivated to work out, while it gets dark early and we wear clothes that hide the evidence of our holiday indulgences and lack of a solid work-out routine.  Frankly it is just easier to think that bikini season is still a long way off.  In reality         it is just around the corner and if you start now, you won’t be panicking come May when  the reality sets in that the days are fast approaching when you want to be free to wear whatever you want and feel great.

Models who are serious about their careers know that it is easier to maintain your body than to scramble to get in shape when things slide out of control.  Eating right, drinking plenty of water, and doing their best to get a good night’s sleep even when their body-clock is out of whack from traveling, all go a long way in keeping them healthy.  Maintaining a fitness routine can be hard when your schedule is erratic but learning to take advantage of down-time can go a long way to keeping you fit and in shape.  A long hallway is a great place to do lunges.  Deep knee bends, push-ups and crunches don’t require a lot of space.  A jump rope is small and travels well and gives a good cardio workout.  Walk whenever possible and take the stairs if you can.  Stand up straight and focus on your breathing and posture and do yoga balancing poses to strengthen your core.

Incorporating movement and fitness into your daily routine and paying attention to what you eat and drink, will improve your overall health, and being in shape just feels great.  Get up, get moving and focus on being healthy and fit, and bikini season will actually be something to look forward to this year!


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