Roses & Dreams Boutique Grand Opening in Miami Beach

Beautiful French boho beach style has arrived in Miami Beach as Roses & Dreams celebrates their grand opening this month.  Owner Valérie Mélanie Engel brings her own unique vision to this collection of beach-wear treats in a bright and airy space.


Valérie Mélanie has curated a collection for the boutique including Antik Batik, Brigitte Bardot Collection, A. Vanesa Bruno, Star Mela, Crezus Paris, and others, featuring exquisite beach wear, sandals, jewelry, accessories, candles, and other treasures.  Perfect for boho looks that will take you from Miami Beach, to St. Tropez, to St. Bart’s.  Find you perfect beach get-away looks that you will want to wear forever.  Ahhhh, c’est la belle vie.

Roses & Dreams Boutique   222 10 St., Miami Beach, Florida

Photos by Roland

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