TLC for Sensitive Skin with Avène

Sensitive skin needs special treatment year-round, but more-so in the summer months when so much skin is on display and exposed to the sun.  Reducing redness, healing dry spots, treating breakouts, and gentle exfoliation of both face and body, require products that put the treat in treatment.   Specialty french skincare line Avène is the top go-to brand for sensitive skin of all ages, post-op recovery, and anti-aging, for its hydrotherapy formulas. The range includes masks, cleansers, toners, sun care, and treatments for all specific skincare needs.  My personal favorite is Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream to prevent dryness.   The best part:  Avène is now available in the USA and online through   With a little TLC even the sensitive types can dare to bare in the summer months.

Photography:  Allana Wesley White

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