Review: Exuviance Illumination Duo for Radiant Skin


Ahhh the glow of summer skin – in my case a result of high humidity.  Despite my diligence with sunscreen, over time I have developed uneven sunspots appearing along my jaw and hairline, and switching between the muggy weather outdoors to air-conditioning tends to sap my skin of its radiance.   The experts of NeoStrata have come to the rescue with a specialty line of skincare, Exuviance, with its patented formulas of AHA’s, PHA’s, and vitamin C, to refine and refresh skin tone, and increase collagen production, revealing healthier skin.

Twice a week I use the Exuviance Performance Peel AP25, which is a two-step peel that begins with an activator pad and is followed up ten minutes later with a neutralizer pad.  The peel is not harsh or stinging, and the skin glows following the treatment, which with regular bi-weekly use reduces the size of pores, lightens sunspots, and leaves skin smoother and more radiant.

Every night I use the Exuviance Illumination Duo which combines the moisturizing  Evening Restorative Complex mixed with the super-antioxident Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster, a 100 pure active Vitamin C powder that you blend together into a small dollop in your hand before applying it to your face for a super potent cocktail.  The cream is rich but not greasy at all and very hydrating, helping improve the skin’s elasticity and tone.  Together they are a powerhouse combination.

My three way approach improves the overall texture and resilience of my skin, giving me a more even skin tone, and a glowing, radiant complexion, which will remind me of summer long after humidity makes way for fall’s cooler days.

Exuviance by NeoStrata

Photography by Allana Wesley White Photography

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