Wow-Brows! “Billion Dollar Brows” Product Review

Brows are having a moment – a big moment.  Thanks to supermodels like Cara Delevigne with her trademark strong brows punctuating her face and drawing attention to her eyes, luscious brows are front and center now.  Not everyone is blessed with such full brows, but that doesn’t mean we are left out of the trend.  Famed brow guru Natalie Plain, founder and CEO of Billion Dollar Brows, has become the go-to expert for enhancing eyebrows and making the most of what you have.  Natalie and her team have created a kit with four essentials for creating the perfect brows that includes her Universal Eye Pencil which draws on fine hair-like lines and can be customized to your own hair color depending on how much of the pencil you apply along your brow.  The opposite end of the pencil has a brush to feather the pencil strokes, making them mimic actual hair.  The Smudge Brush blends away any remaining harsh pencil lines for a completely natural look.

The kit also includes the Brow Duo Pencil which doubles as a brow-bone highlighter on one end and a handy concealer on the other.  Finish grooming your brows with the Brow Gel to lock in the color and to hold your brows neatly in place all day.  Now you can have supermodel brows without a professional makeup artist!

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit with full-size products is available kit is available at Kohl’s

Find lots of great brow inspirations including grooming tricks and tips on their Instagram feed @billiondollarbrows,  Facebook at, and on Twitter @bdbrows and on their website at

Photography by Allana Wesley White Photography

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