Mission: Summer-ready abs

Like everyone else, I too have made a few resolutions for the New Year, one of which is to get back my flat abs after letting myself indulge too much all fall, not to mention over the holidays. We are shooting swimwear and spring/summer fashion now in Miami and it makes us acutely aware that spring is literally just around the corner, so if you want to be bikini ready by summer you better dust off your sneakers and steal your resolve.

Models have to be bikini-ready all year round and good genes alone is not going to land them the big bookings.  They have to work at it and the models who commit to keeping in shape and being healthy surpass those who simply starve and have no energy to actually model once they are on set.  Healthy models glow and have stamina which allows them able to really participate in the creative process.  Not one client or photographer wants to make accommodations for a model with no energy for the project at hand.  Me included!

My own plan of attack is to add in lunges with hand weights, more jumping jacks, and to cut back on the sugary sweets that are my big weakness.  I am adding more leafy greens, vitamin C-rich citrus fruits, and trying my best to drink my non-fat lattes without adding sugar. I might not be baring myself on my photo shoots but at least I will have a lot less model-envy when I am shooting bikinis and fitness productions this spring.  Lots of new and inspiring images to come!

Photography by Allana Wesley White  www.allanawesleywhite.com

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