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My new cover for Circus Magazine

‘Tis the season!  Beautiful Hannah is a tween model on the rise, working for Geox, Esprit, Next Directory, just to name a few.  Love those freckles on this natural beauty!

Photography by Allana Wesley White

Hair and makeup by Colleen Stone of Blush and Beyond

Styling by Laura Taylor

Model is Hannah from Soleil Kids

Claudia Albons gets sporty in Triangl Swimwear


Recently I shot with gorgeous, multi-talented Claudia Albons, European blogger/DJ/model/brand ambassador/fashion and beauty editor.  I don’t know how she finds the time to stay in such great shape!

If you haven’t already checked out her blog, you don’t want to miss it:  It is filled with style, travel, music, beauty reviews, and festivals. She is definitely one to watch!

Bikini Poppy – Blue Crush by Triangl Swimwear 




For Australian beach-beauty Jayla Harnwell, life’s a beach


Tell us where you are from and how you got into modeling:

I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I was dying to travel the world, and modeling seemed like the perfect way to do that!

What are your favorite places to work:

Europe and the Caribbean 🙂

What items do you absolutely have to take with you when you work abroad?

My Passport! and some comfy pjs feel like heaven after a day of work 🙂

How do you take care of yourself while you are traveling, coping with jet lag and keeping healthy and fit?

When I am on a long flight I keep a travel size ‘Thermal Spring Water’ by Avene to refresh my skin and keep it hydrated, followed by a thick coat of moisturizer.  I do some light exercise and spend as much time as possible in nature to try and ground myself again, which helps with the jetlag!

What is your favorite beauty tip you have learned on set:

Sea salt spray!!! For effortless beachy beautiful hair.  It also helps create texture and volume.

What has been your most exciting booking so far?

I got booked on a great job in Australia recently, I was SO excited because I got to go home and see my family for the first time in a year!

What would be your dream booking?

My family is always complaining that they don’t see me enough, so I would love to get the cover of a popular Australian Magazine so as they can see me everywhere they go in the magazine stands 🙂

Where can we follow you online?

instagram: @jaylaharnwell xo

Jayla appears in fashion editorials in Lucky and Self Magazines and has upcoming work in magazines around the world.  Go Jayla!

All-American Beauty Bryn English

Meet Bryn English, a golden-eyed beauty, who is taking the modeling world by storm – all while keeping her head firmly on her shoulders.  Her motto:  ”Wish it, Dream it, Do it”.  Bryn has    appeared in editorials for Vogue Italia, and has walked the runways for Victoria’s Secret Pink and Aeropostale.  Catch a rising star!

1)  Tell us where you are from and how you got into modeling:

I am from West Palm Beach FL and met a photographer who encouraged me to start modeling as a career.

2)  Describe your typical day:

My typical day consists of getting up early, running around the city and going to castings all day. Then once I get home, I  sit down and relax with a cup of tea (:

3)  What are the things you do to stay fit and healthy?

I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and love doing Pilates/yoga classes. I’m also a very big health freak and enjoy eating clean.

4)  Do you have a favorite soundtrack that you bring when you shoot in studio?

No, but If I have a choice of the type of music played, I always suggest upbeat music like Kesha.

5)  What has been your favorite booking so far?

I would have to say my favorite booking so far was for Snow Magazine because I got to shoot with a pack of huskies in fake snow. It was really awesome.

6)  Describe your dream booking:  photographer/location/client:

My dream booking is for Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister with Bruce Weber somewhere on a tropical island

7)  Tell us how you manage school with modeling:

I graduated high school a year early so I’m taking a year or two to just focus on work then I’m going to start taking classes online while still working.

8)  Do you have any advice for models who are about to travel for the first time to another modeling market?

Yes! ALWAYS keep your guard up and your head high. Also, be very strong-minded and just know that you are who you are.

9)  Where can we follow you online?

My website is
Instagram: Brynenglish
Twitter: brynenglish

Rising Star Model Daniela Lopez

Where are you from and how did you start modeling?

I am from Armenia, Colombia and I started modeling when I got scouted shopping at Forever 21.

What is your signature look for castings?

I don’t have a signature look, it all depends on the mood and the weather the day of the casting, but right now I’m going for simple pieces.

Runway or print?

There’s nothing like the adrenalin and the rush of runway, but print is an everyday pleasure.

Favorite shopping city, stores and brands?

Hands down New York! OMG! I still don’t know, I’m experimenting with brands and designers.

What makes “Daniela” stand out amongst the other models?

I think it’s the bubbly personality , the dimples, and the butt – definitely the butt.

Best and worst parts of modeling:

Best part of modeling is the traveling, you get to know beautiful, beautiful places.  The worst part, THE JETLAGGGGGG and being gone from family and friends.

What are you listening to?

I’m listening to Rihanna – I LOVE Rihanna lol

Dream shoot – location, photographer, client:

Dream shoot is Victoria’s Secret, location – the beach – any crystal blue beach, photographer, Russell James.

Something tells me this is one model who is going to make her dreams come true.

Daniela can currently be seen on billboards in Time Square for Aeropostale, in Seventeen Magazine photographed by Ben Watts, and in Nordstrom catalogues.

Follow her on Twitter at #DaniealaLo322