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4 Quick Pro Photo Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts Pop

Great photos get the most clicks and likes and are an essential part of any post you create.  If a photo lacks some creativity or basic photo skills then chances are it will be ignored and that means a missed opportunity to grab your viewer’s attention.  Not every blogger has access to a professional photographer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve beautiful images on your own or with a friend to help you out.  I am often asked for some easy photo tips that influencers can use whether they are shooting with their phone or with a DSLR, that can make a big difference in the outcome of their photos.

Give these four pro tips a try and let me know what other issues you have creating visual content and I will address those as well in an upcoming post:

Outdoor beauty shots:  since summertime is here, mix things up and head outdoors to have some natural light.  Look for areas that are in a bit of shade so there will be no harsh shadows on the face and where it is easy for the subject to open their eyes without squinting.  This sort of light is called “open shade” and is just what it implies.  If this area faces a bright area it will reflect onto the subject’s face creating a flattering light for beauty and makeup shots.  In this image the light was coming through the trees behind the model and she was facing a bright, wide open area that reflected softly onto her face. 

Framing fashion shots:  framing puts the focus squarely on the subject and zeroes in the viewer’s eye.  Look for locations where the there are are architectural or natural details that encompass the subject.  For this shot I positioned blogger Amy of @jeansandatea under an archway that repeated itself behind her and had her take big strides towards me, which made her hair and styling animated and more visually interesting.  

Three-color palette: most social media images have to be visually understood when they are minuscule on our phones or tablets.  Using a three color palette is visually attractive as it makes an eye-catching statement even when the image is small.  In this photo the three colors are the blues of her blouse and the tiles on the wall behind her, whites in her clothes, hat and tiles, and the natural tones of her skin, hair and the wooden counter behind her.  The image wouldn’t have such an impact if there was another colored element in the shot, such as a green cup on the counter.   Simplifying the color scheme of a shot can give it a lot of visual punch.

Scale and a sense of place:  It’s tempting to want to zoom right in on the subject and make a strong and obvious statement with the styling, but giving your image a bit of space and air around the subject can have a big impact.  It gives a sense of place and can really transport us.  Step back and take in the location and let your subject inhabit the shot.  In this case Amy of @jeansandatea was wearing a long red dress and I placed her at the bottom third of the image, and even though she is quite small in the shot, there is no mistaking what the image is about.  (“Rule of thirds” – divide your image into thirds when composing the shot to draw the eye to the subject creating drama and interest, pulling your attention away from the center of the picture).

Don’t be afraid to try all sorts of shots and up your visual identity to separate yourself from the crowd.  Comment with your questions.  More tips to follow!


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Teen Fashion Designer Ariel Swedroe of Swedroe by Ariel

One of the brands I have had the great fun of working with for the years is teen fashion designer Ariel Swedroe of Swedroe by Ariel.  I first met Ariel when she was barely three years old and a child model.  Today at age fourteen she has a fashion brand that incorporates her grandfather Robert Swedroe’s collage artwork, which is photographed and printed onto silk, charmeuse, and lycra, for Ariel’s designs which range from beachwear, to evening gowns, silk scarves to upscale casual fashion.


While other teenagers are casting about trying to figure out what interests them and what they might want to study in college, Ariel forges ahead with her creating her designs and building her brand, speaking at women in business forums, volunteering in teaching and mentoring initiatives both in the US and abroad, all while attending secondary school.  Such a tall order but nothing Ariel isn’t capable of accomplishing.





To see more about Ariel in the press and to shop her brand, follow the link to her website:

To follow Ariel and her exciting career you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

New Teen Editorial: “Girl Next Door”

Photography: Allana Wesley White

Styling: Anne Karnbock

Hair and Makeup: Colleen Stone

Model: Lilly

Model is wearing Zara, Forever 21, Adidas,  H&M, GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Converse, Live a Little


Wishing you happy holidays!


It has been a busy year, and I thank you all for your interest in my blog!  I am working with Amy Lee Pineyro and her amazing blog Jeans and  Tea – take a look at her style, her family life, delicious recipes, and her beautiful adoption story.  

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year!  Cheers! xo  Allana

Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford


One of the best parts of summer is choosing a new fragrance that invigorates your senses and transports you to exotic destinations.  Sometimes a sensory vacation can be just the thing to tie you over until your suitcase is finally packed and you are on your way.  This is the perfect time to try a scent that is a little more extroverted, fresh, or sexy than what you might normally wear. Dreaming of the Italian Riviera with its lush foliage, flowers, and clear, aquamarine waters?   Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino, part of his Private Blend Fragrance Collection, combines Tunisian neroli, Sicilian lemon, Italian bergamot, winter yellow mandarin, orange flower and lavender in an exotic and stimulating blend that refreshes like a splash of cool Mediterranean water and leaves sensual undertones lingering on the skin.  This might just be just the scent for your most alluring and exotic summer yet.

Tom Ford Neroli…

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Going somewhere warm? Beauty treats for the sun:


Vacation booked?  It is time to start thinking about a winter get-away to bring you back to your senses and let your body breathe in the sunshine and warm air.  Everyone could use a good dose of vitamin d right about now and chasing the winter blues away is a priority.  Prepare your skin with Bamford’s Botanic Sugar Body Polish with its brown sugar, sea salt, and olive, sesame and almond kernel oils.

Prepare to be sunny-side-up with La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios  Sunscreen in SPF 50 for broad-spectrum coverage.  Newly exfoliated skin is extra-sensitive to the sun so don’t forget to reapply. Scorched skin and funky tan lines are not a good fashion statement in anyone’s books.

Celebrity makeup artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury knows a thing or two about supermodels in swimwear and she has created Supermodel Body Cream to make limbs glow and appear firmer.  If it works for…

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In the Model’s Eye

I am honored to be featured in an article regarding the courses I teach through The Compelling Image for Model Portfolio Photography and Photographing Children and Teens. The Compelling Image teaches a wide range of photography and I am proud to be a part of this amazing online school taught by the some of the top photographers in their respective fields. If you are looking for online courses to expand your skills or develop your artistic eye, check them out at and follow their blog for industry news and insights, along with discussions and features.

Mini-moon in Tulum

Guest writer Lydia Lane and her husband Michael share their mini-moon in Tulum:


Mini moon [/ˈminē –ˈmo͞on]: a short honeymoon or weekend love fest.

From Instagram to travel blogs, I felt inundated with stunning photos of Tulum, Mexico. Like a siren’s song, I too needed to experience the beauty and laid back vibe Tulum seemed to exude online. In preparation of my first wedding anniversary, I suggested it to my husband, Michael. After a bit of preparation, plans were solidified. We flew into Cancun, immediately said adios and began our drive due south down the Yucatan peninsula toward Tulum.


We stayed at the lovely hotel, Casa Violetta. Our quaint open-air room, called Iris, was filled with Mexican fabrics and organic elements. Located right on the ocean, mornings were greeted with the sound of crashing waves serenading the arrival of my favorite new breakfast, chilequiles. We used our room key to order food and drink at the restaurant and bar, and also had designated Iris beach chairs so no matter what time of day we headed to the beach we always had a prime spot on the sand.

Tip: Even if you don’t stay at Casa Violetta, you MUST try the food.


Traveling to a beach town I knew make-up would be the last of my worries. Tinted moisturizer and a smattering of cream blush would be all that I needed, but sunscreen and after beach care was a major priority.   Island Girl Co.  makes the most amazing body butters and scrubs which are essential after a day on the sand. The coffee scrub is delicate on sun kissed skin and the body butter provides incredible moisture and glow to your skin without being greasy.


I wanted to see everything Tulum had to offer, but I also didn’t want to over schedule myself to the point of exhaustion. This was meant to be a relaxing weekend! I did a little research and tried to choose a variety of activities I thought Michael and I would both enjoy:

Both foodies, I signed us up for an authentic Mexican cooking class at Rivera’s Kitchen. Lily opens her home, shares family recipes and educates you on local ingredients and flavors. A must!

Overlooking the ocean, this ancient Mayan seaport dates back to 1200 – 1521 A.D. Make sure to get to the ruins early to beat the crowd or view the ruins by sea.

If you want to get up close and personal with nature, Cenotes has large underwater sinkholes filed with fresh water. It’s a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving.

A great couples activity that goes perfectly with the sultry climate is learning to tango on the beach at La Zebra. Classes are offered every Friday.

Or just lounge – I’m talking about a margarita in hand, enjoying the sun and sand ALL day. Bliss.


Tulum Play List:

James Taylor – Mexico

Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

Ingrid Michaelson – Far Away

Plain White Ts- Rhythm of Love

Matisyahu – Sunshine

Jack Johnson – Got you

Coldplay – Paradise

Dave Matthews – You and me

Vance Joy – Riptide

Bob Marley – Jamming

Sublime – Santeria

311 – Amber

Ziggy Marley – Beach in Hawaii

Pursuit of Happiness – Lissie (cover)

Guest writer Lydia Lane on Instagram  @LydiaLane

Chic and breezy summer style: new editorial with teen model Tèa Elbaz

Here’s a look at my new juniors summer fashion and beauty editorial with Tèa Elbaz. Strong eyebrows, turquoise eyeliner in a cat-eye swoop, fuchsia matte lips,  stripes, pops of color and vivid florals all make for easy summer style.  Accessorize with bold pieces such as a cute lips purse and a lady-like statement necklace, mixed with florals and stripes, for a style update.  Frame your face with bold eyebrows and pull hair back or up to show them off.Stripes are loud and proud this year so go big.  Crochet crop tops and lace shorts are breezy and cool for summer.  Mix patterns and colors, prints and florals, like with this sporty rash guard and skinny jeans.  Let hair be natural with ponytails and skinny braids, and have fun with colorful makeup with like Tèa’s turquoise eye liner and matte deep pink lips.  Metallic belts amp up the style of simple t-shirt dresses.  Jean shorts and chambray shirts are summer essentials:  dress them up with graphic short-sleeve pullovers, floral sneakers and a chic chain strap bag.  Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean style takes a vacation!

Hair and makeup by Colleen Stone of Blush and Beyond