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My New Kids Editorial for Circus Magazine

What little girl doesn’t want to get her twirl on?  Here’s my new editorial for Circus Magazine for Fall, 2014.  This little gorgeous sweetheart is Sadie, wearing dresses from Zara Kids.

Photography by Allana Wesley White Photography  www.allanawesleywhite.com

Tea Tree Oil Beauty Treatments: Apothecary Extracts Review


Tea Tree oil is one thing everyone should have in their beauty arsenal, their first aid kit, and even part of their housecleaning products, for it’s natural anti-microbial qualities.  This essential oil is used in skin care, shampoos and conditioners, lotions and soaps, masques, lip balms, acne treatments, and even body washes and scrubs, to name just a few of its uses.

I received a complimentary bottle of Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, along with an e-book with fifty different recipes covering everything from first aid, to beauty treatments, to household cleaners and disinfectants.  Being a novice in the area of essential oils, I decided to try a simple detangling hair conditioner.  I washed my hair as usual and then sprayed on the mixture, and indeed my fine hair did not tangle and wasn’t weighed down like it often is with regular conditioners.  The recipe is quite simple – here it is:

10 drops of Australian Tea Tree Oil essential oil added to one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, plus one cup of distilled water.  Mix these ingredients together in a clean spray bottle.

Next up I plan to try a moisturizing face wash using greek yogurt, tree tea oil, and fresh lemon juice – sounds delicious!  Having the option to freshly blend together my own beauty products using this additive-free pure tea tree oil is really enticing. and now I feel ready to tackle other recipes in the book.  Breakouts, bacteria and boo-boos be gone.

Apothecary extracts Australian Tea Tree Oil is available on Amazon and comes with a complimentary 50-recipe e-book.

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Model Montage, Friday Edition

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