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Review: Exuviance Illumination Duo for Radiant Skin


Ahhh the glow of summer skin – in my case a result of high humidity.  Despite my diligence with sunscreen, over time I have developed uneven sunspots appearing along my jaw and hairline, and switching between the muggy weather outdoors to air-conditioning tends to sap my skin of its radiance.   The experts of NeoStrata have come to the rescue with a specialty line of skincare, Exuviance, with its patented formulas of AHA’s, PHA’s, and vitamin C, to refine and refresh skin tone, and increase collagen production, revealing healthier skin.

Twice a week I use the Exuviance Performance Peel AP25, which is a two-step peel that begins with an activator pad and is followed up ten minutes later with a neutralizer pad.  The peel is not harsh or stinging, and the skin glows following the treatment, which with regular bi-weekly use reduces the size of pores, lightens sunspots, and leaves skin smoother and more radiant.

Every night I use the Exuviance Illumination Duo which combines the moisturizing  Evening Restorative Complex mixed with the super-antioxident Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster, a 100 pure active Vitamin C powder that you blend together into a small dollop in your hand before applying it to your face for a super potent cocktail.  The cream is rich but not greasy at all and very hydrating, helping improve the skin’s elasticity and tone.  Together they are a powerhouse combination.

My three way approach improves the overall texture and resilience of my skin, giving me a more even skin tone, and a glowing, radiant complexion, which will remind me of summer long after humidity makes way for fall’s cooler days.

Exuviance by NeoStrata

Photography by Allana Wesley White Photography  www.allanawesleywhite.com

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TLC for Sensitive Skin with Avène

Sensitive skin needs special treatment year-round, but more-so in the summer months when so much skin is on display and exposed to the sun.  Reducing redness, healing dry spots, treating breakouts, and gentle exfoliation of both face and body, require products that put the treat in treatment.   Specialty french skincare line Avène is the top go-to brand for sensitive skin of all ages, post-op recovery, and anti-aging, for its hydrotherapy formulas. The range includes masks, cleansers, toners, sun care, and treatments for all specific skincare needs.  My personal favorite is Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream to prevent dryness.   The best part:  Avène is now available in the USA and online through drugstore.com.   With a little TLC even the sensitive types can dare to bare in the summer months.

Photography:  Allana Wesley White  www.allanawesleywhite.com