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Child Supermodel Tea Elbaz tells us about her world


Meet Téa Elbaz, of one my muses.  Tea has the most mesmerizing gaze and an exoticism that is totally unique to her.  Believe me when I say that she is just getting started, even though she has been modeling since she was a small child.  Not simply a pretty face, Tea is a scholar and is routinely the top of her class, balancing school work with modeling, and all the other activities typical to girls her age.

Can you remember your first modeling job?

Yes,  I was four and I remember doing a shoot for winter clothes during summer :/

What is your favorite sort of shoot – for example: lots of energy/commercial sort of job, or quiet, moody editorial with a fashion edge?

I like the commercial sort of jobs because I usually meet more people and they are just fun 😀

What was your most interesting booking and why?

I once did a photo shoot for costumes and I had to be “Avatar”.  We spent over two hours on the makeup 😉

What is the signature “Tea” look?

I am not sure but I believe it is either a moody, kind of spooky, twinkly eyes, or, the laughing out loud shots 😉

What do you dream of doing when you grow up?

I have no idea yet, but I have a while to figure that out 😉

What would your dream shoot be:  location,  concept, etc.?

I have already had my dream shoot!  I always wanted to have a shoot with my best friend.  Probably a colorful wall because it makes such a cool back ground 😉  (Note: Téa is sweet – we did that shoot together and it was a blast 😉

Sometimes modeling means a lot of time spent waiting for the light, for the set-up, or other shots to be completed, etc. What do you do to keep busy?

I usually keep busy by chatting with my friends if they are there, doing homework, or playing on my phone with this app called “Polyvore” which is an app where you can create your own outfits! 😉

Best advice for new kids or teens models:

My best advice is probably just to not be shy in front of the camera and to have fun!!!  ;-D

Téa has been featured in Vogue Bambini Magazine, Chasing Fireflies, Macy’s, JC Penney, Next Directory, Journal du Dimanche, L’Aubanerie, IKKS, Hutton-Miller Productions, D Magazine, La Petit Magazine, A Magazine, and Carter’s.  This season is going to be huge for Téa!