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Young Hollywood teen actor Taylor Blackwell twinkles like a star on the rise

If you don’t already know the name Taylor Blackwell, you soon will.

Taylor is part of young    Hollywood and a big star of tomorrow.  She is articulate, smart and engaging, and one of the hardest working young people in the business, developing her craft and skills, while going through the roller coaster ride of the teenage years.  She has “it” – that indescribable something that is comprised of so many things that go into making someone a star.  She is a story-teller by nature and whether shooting stills for photography or motion for tv and film, she brings her own idea of a “character” to the project, interpreting exactly what is needed to take the shoot beyond what is just “expected”.  I love her energy and focus, but most of all I am completely charmed by this sweetheart – and you soon will be too!

What would you say is the difference between modeling and acting?   

Modeling and acting having many similarities, but at the same time, can be very different!     The obvious difference is that in modeling, you are being photographed, and in acting you are being filmed. There is more to it than that though!  The biggest difference for me is that when you are acting, you are developing a character.

Although in modeling your wardrobe can express certain characteristics, you are ultimately more yourself. I do try incorporating acting into modeling, by playing up certain emotions in photographs. They say the eyes are the gateways to your soul, and you can easily see emotion in the eyes.  If you just look at my eyes, you can see that in some photos, I am more happy or excited, while in other photos I am more serious or subdued.

Which do you prefer to do?

I always enjoy doing both, but I prefer acting. I like exploring new characters who have had   different experiences than me.  I’m always up for a challenge, and I get more of that when I’m   acting.  A big part of acting is making connections. Already I have met some really interesting people through acting, and I hope to continue doing so!

 How did you get your big break into acting?

The biggest role I’ve had was as a series regular on the Starz Original Series, Magic City.  Magic City took place 1959 Miami, and was about a hotel owner named Ike Evans, who had to make deals with the mafia to fund his hotel.  I played Lauren Evans, the teenage daughter of Ike.     After auditioning four times for the role, I was so thrilled when I found out the role was mine! The show lasted only two seasons, but I was blessed to work with such an amazingly     talented cast and crew. They became my second family and I will always look back on the         experience with such fond memories.

 What sort of things do you like to do besides acting and modeling?

This year, I’m a freshman at a performing arts high school.  Not only do I have a passion for theater, but for all art forms.  I tap dance, sing, play the piano, sew, knit, sketch, and more! I also enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and pets in my free time.

Dream actors or directors you would love to work with one day?

If I was an actress 60 years ago, I would’ve hoped to work with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Alfred Hitchcock. I love anything old time Hollywood!  However, some of my favorite actors today include the hilarious Gene Wilder, and the always amazing Natalie Portman. I would jump at the chance to work with either one of them.  I think English child actors Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland are both brilliant actors, and I would be pleased to work with them as well!

Advice for any young person who wants to be an actor? 

Rejection is a huge part of this business. The majority of roles you go for, you will not get. For all the successes I’ve had, I’ve had way more rejection. Don’t think of it as rejection though, think of it more as a learning experience. Auditioning helps me improve my craft, and make contacts, even if I don’t get the role! If this is something you want to do, don’t give up. Your “big break” will happen at the right time. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, and if you keep believing that, and work hard enough, you will be successful. Most important of all, have fun!

What would you like to do if you weren’t modeling and acting?

There are so many things I want to be when I’m older, its crazy!  Along with acting and modeling, I would also like to be able to work in other art fields on the side.  Since I’m into visual arts and theater, I think a great side career for me would be working as a costume designer.

What’s next for Taylor?

Right now, I am focusing on going to school and just being a normal teenager. I am working on a web series with some friends, and also, illustrating my first book. It’s a children’s book series written by a good friend of mine. I am fortunate enough to do all the illustrations and bring the main character of Fred to life!

Where can your fans follow you?  

My Twitter, Tumblr, Pheed, Gifboom, and Keek account is @TBTayWay

My Instagram account and Kik account is @themusicalmushroom

I’m also have a FB Fan Page!