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Iconic style is as easy as a classic white shirt:

Just when you think winter has no end in sight and historic blizzards like this week’s Juno are bearing down, thoughts turn to warm-weather vacations and spring.  One of the best trends to come this spring is a return to classic styles and natural hair and skin that remind us of style icons like Jane Birkin, in her jean shorts, men’s shirts, and bare feet.  I for one love to see the real beauty of a girl without all the trappings of fashion – it is refreshing and gives the eye a rest from the bombardment of trendy fashion.  Jane was an original “It Girl” who really influence women like Alexa Chung, and even at one point Kate Moss, with her laid-back anti-fashion style.

There are moments when a palette-cleansing return to classic style feels just right and this is it. Natural hair and makeup, an amazing white shirt, the most comfortable jean shorts, and maybe a simple ring or chain necklace, sandals or tennis shoes are all you need.  Think back to this image by Peter Lindbergh from Vogue 1988 of all the supermodels of the day – what could be more gorgeous?  Bonus: guys love this look!  It makes us look approachable and real, and my husband for one says guys find it very sexy to see their girl in their shirt.  So steal your guy’s white shirt and cut off your oldest jeans and start planning for warmer days ahead. Winter doesn’t last forever.

Photo ©Peter Lindbergh from Vogue USA, August 1988.

Photography by Allana Wesley White www.allanawesleywhite.com


Winter Get-A-Way Style

Winter might seem like it will never end but it isn’t too early to start planning your winter escape wardrobe.  Resort collections are always a treat, and give clues as to the upcoming summer trends.  Look for pieces that work with items you already have and love, such as your favorite white shirt.  Just because you will be on vacation doesn’t mean style takes a back seat.  Who doesn’t want to show off on Instagram sporting an amazing look in an enviable, sun-soaked destination?  Add a burst of graphic patterns or color, or both, for looks that go from lunch, to shopping, to sightseeing.   Before you can say spring break, the sun will be calling and you will be on your way – stylishly.

These beautiful skirts were designed by tween fashion designer Ariel Swedroe using fabric made from of her artist grandfather Robert Swedroe’s three dimensional artworks.  Read her story on Facebook at “Swedroe Art to Wear by Ariel”.

Photography by Allana Wesley White   www.allanawesleywhite.com