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Blissful Summer Body Care Treatments

It’s not to late to indulge in body treats that can make you look and feel better while baring your summer skin.  Bliss to the rescue!  Bliss Positive Tone Set is an on-line exclusive selection of their best-selling “fatgirlslim” products to tone, polish, firm and stimulate your skin, complete in a top-to-toe set that includes “fatgirlsixpack” and “thelovehandler” for the waist, “fatgirlslim” for appearance of cellulite, “fatgirlsleep”, and ‘fatgirlscrub” to use along with the “fatgirlstimulator”. Who couldn’t use a little help in the body skincare department  to show off all the benefits of your spring fitness efforts to their best advantage?

Photography by Allana Wesley White Photography   www.allanawesleywhite.com