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Nars Lipstick in “Schiap”: the ultimate pink pout

Ready for a burst of juicy, fresh color?   Summer is the perfect time to let your skin breathe, to simplify your makeup routine, and to try some of this year’s more colorful trends.  Pick just one feature and play it up for a big impact.   Lucky in the lip department?  This is your time to shine by wearing a bold lip color and skipping all the other bells and whistles to be ready in a flash. Nars “Schiap” is the perfect fuchsia lip color inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli who was famous for her love of a particular pink.  Let your lips do the talking this summer and flirt with some fun colors.  Don’t match your mani!  Little shots of color here and there are much more on trend. Yum!

Nars Lipstick in “Schiap available at Beauty.com