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William Valdes: Latin Actor, TV Host and Singer

Mix together equal parts James Dean, Frankie Avalon and Ryan Seacrest and you will come up with today’s hottest young latino star-on-the rise, William Valdes.  Triple threat host, actor and singer, William is on the fast track to becoming a recognizable face on spanish language tv where he interviews the biggest latino stars,  in telenovelas and series, and on stage.  The Latin market is famous for turning out heart-throbs and here is the latest, all set for his big break and ready to take on Hollywood.
How old were you when you first got the acting bug?
I stared working in spanish entertainment when I was 15 years old. I was in the cast of “Grachi” for Nickelodeon Latin America.  Grachi became to be the most successful series Nick L.A have ever made. So I’m very happy that I was part of that amazing tv sitcom.  
How did you win your first hosting job and how did you learn how to approach stars on the red carpet and on TV shows?
I got my first tv hosting job when I was shooting Grachi here in Miami.  One day on the set a producer approached me and he asked if I would like to do a casting because they where looking for this young guy for a segment in a huge spanish gossip tv show.  I went forward and did the casting, and they told me right there that I was what they where looking for.  I spent three years interviewing many famous artists like Justin Bieber, Serena Williams, Paulina Rubio, JLo, Pitbull and many more big spanish stars. I guess being able to host every day it showed me how to approach an artist.  I always have a great connection with the artist – I don’t ask them the questions they typically get asked.  I have a lot of fun while doing the interviews and that makes it more fresh… 
Do you prefer acting or hosting?
I would say I prefer both: why? My biggest passion is acting, as it allows me to be someone else.  I can express so many emotions while acting in a role.  For example in “Grachi” I was 416 year old wizard trapped in a 16 year old’s body.  Imagine how fun it was too shoot all of that, the action scenes and the special effects, while I’m not a wizard, but just a regular kid. Now, when I host, I’m being myself.  I get to express what I think and I say what I feel like saying.
Most memorable experience as a TV host:
I had so many memorable experiences while hosting and interviewing artists, but I will never forget the day I had to interview Emilio Estefan.  He was releasing his new monster headphones and we sat down and they said “in 3-2-1…” and from there a big friendship grew.    After the interview was done he said to me, “where have you been kid?”  It’s really amazing when someone like him congratulates me whenever I finish hosting. So I was honored to hear something from him.
What are your ambitions: more hosting, acting on TV or film, or acting on stage, or singing…?
My biggest ambition and my goal is to get to Hollywood and make movies.  Right now I’m building up my name in the spanish market.  Once I have a strong name in that market I will consider to crossover to the American market as a latino actor. 
Favorite film: Favorite music: Favorite food:
My favorite film is a sequel and stars the actor I look up most to, Johnny Depp, is Pirates of the Caribbean.   I like to hear any kind of music and I am very open to all of it but I really love pop.  My favorite food of all time is pasta – I am in love with Italian food. 
Do you see yourself acting on a telenovelas in the future?
Yes, I love doing soap operas in spanish – it is so much fun.  It’s a lot of work because it’s not filmed like a regular american tv sitcom.  In the spanish market, the work is intensely long hours and you will film probably 40 to 50 scenes a day.  It’s really fun. 
Dream assignment: (acting with a particular actor, or singing, or whatever you like)
That’s an interesting question, never though of it.  But now that you put it out there I would love to be in a film with Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp – that will be a dream come true. 
Where can your fans find you? 
My Twitter: @williamvaldes https://twitter.com/WilliamValdes
My Instagram: @IAMWILLVALDES http://instagram.com/IAMWILLVALDES