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Kirby Johnson: New Reality TV Star of “The Drama Queen”

Kirby Johnson is about to dance, sing and act her way into the Hollywood universe.  Years of training and competing have prepared her for the jump from local Florida dancer and actress to one of the featured stars of the new E! reality show “The Drama Queen”.  A freckled-faced, ginger-haired beauty who harkens back to the stars of an earlier era, Kirby lights up the screen and stage.  She is destined to be America’s newest sweetheart.  Stay tuned!  She is just getting started!

How long have you been modeling and acting?

I have done a few small modeling jobs when I was younger but I didn’t start seriously modeling until age 14.  I have been a competitive dancer since I was 11 and acting since day one!

What is your favorite type of shoot?  Dance or fashion, studio or location?

I honestly don’t have a favorite!  Every photo shoot is unique and fun it its own way.

Stage or screen: which do you like better?

I love stage acting but my goal is to become a screen actress.

Tell us what it is like to be on a reality show as a principle:

It is really strange to be on a reality show!  I’m super nervous to see myself on TV but really   excited at the same time.

What sort of travel and adventures have you had in your career so far?

I have flown to Las Vegas, California, and New York multiple times for dance competitions, modeling, and filming for the reality show “The Drama Queen”.  

The reality show you will be a part of airs soon – tell us about the show:

I am going to be on “The Drama Queen” which airs November 17th at 11pm EST on E!  It is based on the granddaughter of Lou Costello, Marki Costello and her family life, her employees and her new kids talent management division in LA.  I am going to be one of Marki’s new       talents.  My Mom and sister are also on the show with me.  It should be filled with laughs and lots of drama. Tune in to find out!

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know:

I named my cat Avada after a spell from Harry Potter, and I still have my baby blanket!  LOL

Describe your support system and how it is helping you to achieve your dreams:

I have the best support system ever!  My mother, father and sister are so supportive in everything that I do!  My Dad is hilarious because he always tries to give me his acting advice and I wouldn’t be anywhere without my sister pushing me to do things and helping me find           auditions, and my Mom is my best friend 🙂

Where can we follow you online?

Instagram:  Kirby J

Twitter: KirbyG Johnson

Youtube Channel: KirbyDancerJohnson

Vine: Kirby J