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Celebrity Makeup Artist Edward Cruz: the man behind the makeup



Let’s face it: it is fun to have your makeup done by someone else.  Even more fun if he is as sweet and adorable and talented as Edward Cruz, celebrity makeup artist and former male     supermodel.  I first met Edward when we were neighbors and since then I have watched him sky-rocket from top male model to one of the most talented and in-demand makeup artists       today.  Edward has a sensitive eye for beauty and is able to create looks that are both exciting but wearable at the same time.  One day he will be creating a completely original look for a fashion editorial, and the next he will be doing the personal makeup of Anna Wintour, or Tyson Beckford for the Oscars.  Whether he is on set for an editorial or advertising, collaborating with such mega-brands as Shiseido, or working with the stars of Hollywood, music, or fashion,       Edward’s special knack for creating flawless skin and dreamy looks is unmistakeable.  Apart from all his talent and skill, he is just simply a nice guy with a great sense of humor, an equally developed sense of himself and his work, and – ahem – very easy on the eyes.  What’s not to love?


1) How did you transition into makeup artistry?

Not many people know this, but when I was 17 in San Francisco, I landed my first makeup dream job, at M•A•C Cosmetics (which stood for Makeup Art Cosmetics) (not many people know that either).  I was the only kid in the world working for the company; it was against the law,   because I left high school to work full time for the company without a work permit. Actually,   authorities found out and blocked me from working until I produced a work permit or I turned 18…     Luckily, management liked me and held my job until I actually was 18.
Later on that year, I moved to NYC, where I worked at the legendary Christopher Street M•A•C shop.   It was amazing.   Makeup royals like Kevin Aucoin, Billy B, Pat McGrath, and celebrity       locals like Debbie Harry and Linda Evangelista would come in and shop.   I was 18, living in NYC, always exploring, and no matter what part of town I was in, someone would offer me a           business card or inquire if I was a model and/or who represented me.   I would just smile and blush; I didn’t take anybody who approached me like that seriously until one day when I was on working on set and the hired Ford male models were sent home and I was dressed and shot in their place.   My modeling career was born – I teamed up with a modeling agency and began a career that kept me busy globally for ten solid years. 

Now, to get back to the transition question; I was approaching my 30th birthday and decided that I wanted to take hold on the reins of my life and time.   As a model, I was at the mercy of my agents, who were working hard for me year round, and all over the world.   It was truly a wonderful career, but I wanted to have something that I could personally navigate and have more say on.   So I dusted off my makeup books from the late 90’s and searched for an agent that would represent me as an artist rather than a model.   I reached out to every art director, photographer and artist that I was friendly with, so I could get out the word that I was changing my career.  In the beginning it wasn’t very easy, as most of these people didn’t believe that I would be going behind the scenes after ten years of modeling, but within a few months of     consciously deciding that this is what I was going to do, and not doing anything else, the people that didn’t believe it, began to understand that I as serious.   I teamed up with a makeup agent and the ball began to roll.

2) Who or what inspires you, from the past or present?

I especially love my parents for the dedication they put into their children’s well being, because that taught me to stay resilient and work hard.
I have great appreciation for the Christian & Jewish education I received growing up, for that taught me to be courteous, kind, and a humanitarian.
Creatively though, I am inspired by nature and what I see when I travel.  Most of all, I pay         attention to my intuition and I don’t ignore my feelings.

3) What is “beauty” to you?

I like good manners and people that genuinely love what they do – I believe that goodness comes from authenticity and to me there is nothing more beautiful than that. 

4) Favorite shoot – location, photographer, model:

My favorite shoot is in a studio that has a view, with a photographer that encourages me to do my work, and a model that is a good story teller. 

5) Studio or location? Which do you prefer?

Studio in New York City, but in other parts of the world, I would prefer one day in the studio   because they’re all managed differently, and a day outside on the town or in the wilderness.

6) Favorite makeup trend for spring 2014:

Lip Stains and Face & Eye Brighteners. 

7) Best skin-prep product:

Good moisturizer – I prefer a rich cream.  Go for the well formulated ones like Shiseido, La Prairie or Cle De Peau. 

8) Product you can’t do without for photos:

Alcohol in a spray bottle. I disinfect everything I use on a celeb or model. 

9) Tip or trick we can all use to look better in photos:

Eye Brighteners – they are amazing!  YSL, Shiseido and Dior have the best!

Follow Edward online to see his updates, news and amazing images:

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