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Fashion Trip: Amsterdam

The Dutch are dynamic and welcoming, and none more so than in Amsterdam.  Lifestyle and beauty journalist Danielle de Mol Moncourt gives us insider’s tips on where to shop, what to wear, what to eat, and where to party.

Fashion in Amsterdam is hip but easygoing.  To get inspired for what to wear in the 020 (the area code used by locals as a nickname for their city) check out the top Dutch fashion and     beauty style blogs of Linda Tol, lindatol.com  and Sabrina Meijer’s  AfterDRK.  Linda is instantly recognizable at all the fashion collections in Europe, for her bold but chic style and platinum cropped haircut.  Sabrina embodies a laid-back comfortable cool with a nod to the ease of menswear.  Not only for Dutch followers, their blogs have an international flair and style that translates from Europe to Asia and all points along the way.

Local shopping is exciting and fresh.  “De Negen Straatjes”, which means “The Nine Streets” is located in the center and  is famous for its boutiques featuring local designers.  The shop     owners realized they had a huge following, so they created a website, The Nine Streets  where you can get an idea of what treasures you can find in the boutiques.  If you are looking for more high-end fashion then make a trip to P.C. on Hooftstraat where you will find Dior along with practically every other famous designer.  Feast your eyes, but pity your wallet.

Absolutely not to be missed, is the Rijksmuseum, where the famous “Nightwatch” by Rembrandt is to be seen, along with other Dutch Masters.  Catch this season’s exhibits in FOAM, a museum dedicated to photography.  Upcoming exhibitions include “The Space Between Us”  exploring perceptions of the human body and sense of self.  This might change your own “selfies” forever.

Souvenir shopping is a real experience in the Haarlemmerstraat.  It is one of the streets that is often used in movies for creating an image of the city, and is the perfect place to soak up some authentic Amsterdam spirit.

When you get tired of all the walking, sight-seeing, and bridges on the canals, head for a quiet zen-break at Babassu Skin Spa for the best massages and facials in town, or just to freshen your makeup.

Getting hungry?  Dinner at  Ron Gastrobar is affordable but trendy and the happening place to see and be seen.  Just don’t forget to make reservations!

If you’re looking for something more quiet, try Sugarless (shhhhh – it’s a local secret), in the Bilderdijkstraat for gluten-free, super tasty, and healthy food.  You can’t go wrong with Geisha when you crave asian food.  Toscanini is such authentic Italian, you can almost imagine all the mamas arguing in the kitchen about who makes the best pasta sauce.

You didn’t go to Amsterdam to sit in your hotel room all night long, so where to go when you’re in the mood to party?  Have a cocktail at Suzy Wong.  Flash your new outfit in  Jimmy Woo, or Club Air  where it is next to impossible not to trip over international celebs.  The Lion Noir  lies in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, which is considered the gay-capital in the capital and is always the place for a stylish night of good fun.

That leaves me with only one more thing to say: enjoy your trip, have as much fun as you can, and return home with a great memories, some cool shopping finds,  and a smile on your face!  You’ll be back!

Dutch journalist Daniëlle de Mol Moncourt is beauty editor at FAB magazine and writes columns for Ze.nl. She does not wear Dutch wooden clogs, but knows how to appreciate beautiful wine, good food, and loves to have a great time. In high heels.